Linen is a lifestyle has been the motto of Studio Natural since its establishment in 1990 by the acclaimed textile artist Laima Kaugure. 

Known for her distinctive creative vision and unparalleled technical skill, Laima brings linen to life by combining traditional artisanal techniques and contemporary fabric and design development resulting in luxurious and unique creations. Studio Natural is Laima’s life’s work and known amongst connoisseurs as an artistic laboratory, always one step ahead of competition.
Linen fabric has a timeless, magical connection with nature and people who appreciate aesthetic purity. Flax is the only natural fibre still being cultivated on a large scale in Europe, requiring very little human intervention. Linen is fully recyclable and bio-degradable, therefore it is considered the most sustainable fabric used at present.
Studio Natural hand crafted luxury linen is woven in Latvia on traditional wooden looms in limited quantities, endowing our textiles with superior quality and almost ethereal 3D-like fabric combinations. 
Renowned international architects and interior designers value the craftsmanship of Studio Natural and use our creations in spaces that require natural and airy effect. Under Laima’s artistic and expert eye, the studio creates an extraordinary fusion of materials, techniques and patterns. Our innovative fabrics and original designs are regularly being presented at the most prestigious trade exhibitions worldwide. 
 The collections come in three lines:
  • Contemporary home textile: tablecloths, table sets, table runners and napkins, bed linen, decorative cushions and towels, curtains and blinds
  • Accessories: scarves and bags in various sizes and techniques
  • Clothing: coats, dresses, jackets, suits, trousers, shirts, aprons and bathrobes