Our Story

Linen as a lifestyle is the motto of Studio Natural since the company’s establishment in 1990. Linen has a timeless, magical connection with nature and people who appreciate aesthetic purity. Studio Natural’s hand crafted linen endows unique combination of antique technique and contemporary touch of material and design. Renowned architects and interior designers deeply appreciate production of Studio Natural and use it in different spaces which demand natural and breathing effects. Linen lives in hands of company’s main designer Laima Kaugure. She makes extraordinary fusion of materials, techniques and patterns. Creation of brand new fabrics and original designs are being presented at professional exhibitions worldwide.

 The collections come in three basic lines:

- Contemporary home textile: tablecloths, table sets, table runners and napkins, bed linen, decorative pillowcases and towels, curtains and blinds

- Accessories: scarves and bags in various sizes and techniques

- Clothing: coats, dresses, jackets, suits, trousers, shirts, aprons and bathrobes