The design of linen curtains can be very different, depending on a customer’s needs, desires and taste. The styles, textures, density and colors can be altered upon request.
Any room will feel mellow, airy and stylish with linen curtains which in our latest collections are very transparent. Curtains with these textures look especially stylish when their drop is longer than necessary, falling onto the floor. They are beautiful when bright sunlight plays with the transparent texture – creating a mystical feel. Transparent curtains breathe with light and air, they can conjure up and maintain an open, sunny and ethereal atmosphere and at the same time protects the room from dust.
Densely woven and rustic opaque curtains block out the light and help you get a good night’s rest.

We offer you a professional designer's consultation, including measurement of windows and suggested solution of best textile option for your house or office.


In addition we offer:

  • solutions for rods and Roman curtain mechanisms;
  • home delivery throughout Latvia;
  • curtain rod and curtain hanging service throughout Latvia;
  • professional cleaning of our products in our workshop.

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