Silk scarf Tinita 80x220cm

€199,00 EUR

Luxurious hand woven silk scarf with handmade fringes and it has a tasteful shine. Excellent for everyday use or ideal accessory for going to opera or theater. 

Color: Blue

Dimensions: length 220cm, width 80cm

Materials/composition: 100% silk

Product reference: Tinita silk blue+bluesilk+KFR

Taking care instructions: This fabric can be hand washed (max 30oC) or dry-cleaned. Take into account the temperature differences for silk textiles when ironing. Cockle is the very special effect of this fabric. As this fabric is 100% hand made it may have some knots or natural unevenness.

Warning: In direct solar influence and strong illumination linen can change the color.

FYI: The dress in the picture can be purchased in the dress section.

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