Table linens

The design of linen for table ware can be very different, depending on a customer’s needs, desires and taste. The styles, textures, density and colours can be altered upon request.

Classic-rustic linen can be regarded as a magical link between nature and people, the past and the present.

Linen is timeless – it does not go out of style. Its basic simplicity has merely enhanced linen’s appeal. Long term usage enhances its quality. Fabrics of this design blend ideally with pottery, porcelain, silver and wood. Fabrics of this style are almost everlasting and it’s easy to take care of.

Linen can be modern and transparent. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats and runners woven in this new structure and colour create a special, comfortable ambience for today’s modern interiors. These slightly transparent fabrics are suitable for accentuating the design and structure of wooden or glass tables. By combining two colours in the structure of one fabric, we achieve an illusory metallic shine, adding a mystical touch to the colour.

Japanese style is simple and at the same time very elegant. For the weaving of linen, flax fibres are flexible and at the same time very durable. For centuries, linen has always been appreciated, and as time goes by, it continues to find new, modern applications.

Linen fires the imagination and inspires the designer to experiment and so the new Japanese table linen collection, based on the Japanese sense of aesthetics and minimalism in design, came to be.

This style goes especially well with modern, avant-garde interiors, combined with glass, metal and concrete.

Studio Natural

Studio Natural