Hand-woven linen scarves (with hand-twisted fringes to prevent unravelling during laundering) are very popular nowadays. They are excellent for everyday use, are efficient and easily matched to your clothing. Available in many colours and a variety of sizes, they are a perfect alternative to a jacket on  cool summer evening or warm spring days. They can be practical and warm or light and airy, adding elegance and flair. With wear, the fabric becomes softer and more flexible and feels pleasant on the body.

The elegance of creased linen can add an original, casual touch to your wardrobe. Boucle linen scarves in the Studija Naturals’ collection are first washed then specially crumpled. They are intended both for ladies and gentlemen. Linen scarves with boucle add charm to your outfit or coat.

In our collection of double scarves, a traditional and long-forgotten weaving technique is used – “double-woven fabric” – transformed and adapted for the changing needs of the world. The term “Double Fabric” means the weaving of two layers of fabrics at the same time and the blending of up to four colours to create a unique effect that is scintillating and mystical.

Embroidered scarves with tulle, roses, beads or lace and scarves where linen is mixed with silk are ideal for festive evenings at the theatre or opera. Equally great for festive occasions are linen scarves completed with silver fox.

For colder evenings or the autumn – winter season why not tuck yourself up into a warm scarf made of linen mixed with mohair. This designs can be large or even offered as a plaid or smaller as a warm and soft scarf around your neck. Studija Naturals speciality is plaids from Latvian sheep wool, treated with silk borders.

Studio Natural

Studio Natural