Breaking the stereotype of classical Latvian flax

Whole-hearted responsiveness is the essence of Laima Kaugure’s being. The ability, without losing momentum pace, to capture each ensuing instant with the awareness that it is going to be better fulfilled than the preceding one. In her creative activity the artist is readily tuned to those psychological stirrings that are there before they get materialized in new stylistic features. Yet she does not break new trails on her own. She is rather a fellow-traveler.

In the early1980s, Laima became a leading member of an artistic movement the “New Wave of National Revival”. Since then, her essential inspiration has been to instil decorative value into her work, focussing on ornamental themes which are her signature. She continues to explore new contexts for these themes but keeps to the design principles of rhythm and proportion, as well as the colour schemes which are characteristic of folk textile art whose vivid tones so fascinate her.1

Laima is a graduate of the Textile Art Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Initially, she worked primarily with wool and silk-weaving tapestries and painting on silk. Her textile artwork has been exhibited in various countries throughout the world.

Since 1976 participating in the Latvian Republic, USSR, and foreign exhibitions.
Since 1986 a member in the Artists Union. Works purchased by funds, in museums and private collections.
In 1995 Laima Kaugure turned to another natural fiber: flax. She decided to create high quality linen textiles using traditional weaving methods to fulfill the requirements of modern interior design. Experimenting with flax fibers – natural, bleached and dyed, as well as with various weaving techniques and patterns has resulted not only in transparent, airy fabrics, but also in traditional and rustic designs. She is participating in professional international textile and interior design exhibitions – fairs in Europe.

In 2000 Laima established her workshop and limited company ‘ Studija Naturals ‘ – to market her unique designs. Since then, the company has grown in recognition throughout Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere – forming successful partnerships with Calvin Klein, Armani, ABC Home, B&B Italia as well as other well-known brands.

Laima Kaugure has received many awards for her work:
The Order of Stars on November 11th 2010. (
November 2010 – Triple Star Medal – the Latvian Nation’s Highest Achievement Award
May 2009 – Liepaja City Council Award for Achievement in Textile Art and Design
Liepaja Collage of Art Award the Golden Cut (2009)
Riga Now Awards for Excellence in 2007
The German Economic Prize Latvian in 2007
Latvian style and fashion awards 2005, 2006
Latvian architectural diploma in 2005


1 Latvian Tapestry, Riga, “Liesma”
Studio Natural

Studio Natural