Dress & Fabric

The sensitivity, elegance and creativity in our linen interwoven with the feel of nature produces classic fabrics, clothing and accessories which are to be lived in and not just looked at.

Hand-weaving brings out our linen’s transparency and density and its vibrancy – brimming with light. Chic understated fabrics, simple but also complex, created with love and personal attention, breathe new life into traditional flax fibres creating high-quality linen with unique charm.

Studija Naturals offers various accessories – bags, products for interiors, bijouterie, as well as clothing from linen fabrics – dresses, costumes, trousers, jackets, shirts and coats (made-to-order).

Our hand-woven linen fabrics are designed for different tastes and professional needs; they are highly appreciated especially by fashion designers, architects and seamstresses. Transparent and tight, weaved using combined techniques – mixed with wool, silk, viscose, mohair and other natural materials or double fabrics, fabrics interwoven with boucle or metallic thread, starched or ready-washed, ironed or crumpled – we produce hand woven linen for all tastes.

In ancient times linen was bleached in the sun. Today white linen is a great luxury and it’s whiteness can be of various shades depending on the flax growing conditions. Studija Naturals knows how to use the natural qualities of linen to create both bleached or aged effects.

At Studija Naturals the maximum width of any weaved piece of fabric is 180cm, and the minimum order length is 8m. Fabric can be be woven to the requested size and colour of the customer. All fabrics from Studija Naturals can be hand washed (temperature depend on texture, up to a maximum 40oC) or machine washed (maximum 30oC) using a gentle cycle – without spinning. However to avoid any accidents we recommend that all linen textile be dry-cleaned. All linen fabrics can be ironed at maximum (high) temperature.

Studio Natural

Studio Natural