Studija Naturals offers made-to-measure linen blinds in sizes to suit the customer. Our blinds can be roller blinds, Roman blinds or even simple panel blinds – to use as a decorative interior feature.

Linen blinds in their various forms, bring a special ambience to a room such as a sense of cisoness. All our blinds – Roman, rustic or Japanese – diffuse the light to a greater or lesser degree and bring a feeling of comfort into a room.

Japanese shades are very decorative and bring an illusory view of the world outside. They are suitable for minimalist interiors and can also be used exclusively for decorative purposes. The fabric of the blinds can be plain or interwoven with fine filigree wooden silvers or metal strands.

The denser structures are more functional. Rustic style blinds provide shade and create an intimate, private ambience. Roman blinds are also often made from a dense fabric but this isn’t essential because they can be made from something a little transparent.

Studio Natural

Studio Natural