Bed Linen

Hand made bed linen can be made-to-order to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Bed linen sets include a sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.

Flax fibres as a material for weaving linen offer great flexibility and are very durable – truly necessary qualities for modern life. In the past, country people used to bleach linen in the sun. These days white or natural linen is a great luxury that can bring back tranquillity and simple happiness into our lives.

Our various linen textures and colours blend perfectly with beds and rooms of modern design and lighting. Sleeping with our bed linens is to experience sensual pleasure and embodies a high quality of life. A bedroom furnished with our linen will feel very individual and exclusive.

While sleeping in “country rustic” bed linens the special characteristics of the fabric will be felt. Initially it may seem a little bit rough, but sleeping with it, you will find it truly rests your body and soul (by the way, with every wash your bed linen will get softer and more gentle and familiar).

Modern bed linens blend perfectly with modern decors and lighting. They are light, transparent and also colourful. Flax bed linens tipify the best of the special characteristics of linen – cooling in summer and warming in winter – letting your body breathe.

New to Studija Natural’s bed linen collection is crumpled linen (washed, not ironed). It is soft, becoming more so after avery wash and also practical because it does not need ironing.

In addition to bed linen, Studija Naturals offers a range of bedspreads of various textures and colours as well as matching pillow cases also in different textures.

Studio Natural

Studio Natural